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Essential planning principles

The size, volume and stress level of a pond are all decisive factors in the successful implementation of a biological filter system in line with the TeichMeister System. These are the factors that will decide which system modules you need to use. Before building work begins, you should always have professional planning carried out in close cooperation with the supplier of the system.
Checklists and computer programmes will help you achieve optimum results for your clients using the very latest technology.

Closed system 

To ensure that the TeichMeister System functions correctly, the pond needs to be constructed as a ‘closed system’. In other words, there must be no permanent inflow and/or outflow. Rainwater which has gathered on roofs etc. should not be allowed to enter the pond (although rain water can be used to replace evaporated water as long as it is pre-cleaned with the appropriate filter - see also ‘Refilling’).

Protecting the pond against penetrating surface water

Mechanisms must be put into place to prevent penetration of nutrient-rich surface water into the pond. To achieve this, capillary barriers should be installed around the edge of the pond.

Modelling the filter zone

The filter zone must be constructed as a closed, watertight basin with separate seal, located either outside the pond (if connected to a stream) or inside the shallow area of the pond. The floor of the basin must be horizontal.


The horizontal borders of the filter, made of gravel and filter granulate material (approx. 15 - 18 inch high), must feature watertight vertical walls on all four sides. This is the only way to ensure that water emerging from the distributor pipes flows evenly upwards through the filter granulate material (principle of ‘defined enforced throughflow’). The filter zone should be constructed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Planting the filter zone

In the filter zone, six aquatic plants should be used per square inch of water. It is important to clean root balls of loose breeding substrate.

Connection lines

All connection lines and fittings are constructed with PVC pipes and fittings or flexible PVC connection lines.

Pump shaft

According to VDE, the pump shaft (approx. 46 x 30 x 26 inch) must be at least 6,56 feet away from the pond and should be positioned as close as possible to the skimmer.


Only fill up by a sufficient amount to maintain the minimum water level, and rain will do the rest.

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