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Cleaning instructions

Once you have successfully created a natural pool or swimming pond with the TeichMeister System, you need only follow a few pieces of advice to maintain both the overall appearance of the pond and the crystal-clear water. By following these recommendations, the self-cleaning process of the pond can be safeguarded in a natural process of equilibrium.

One essential principle to bear in mind if you want crystal-clear water is to use water with the lowest possible nutrient content for filling and refilling. Algae are present in every pond and body of water as pioneer plants. If the nutrient content increases, the algae will proliferate, so your aim when maintaining your pond is to keep the nutrient content of the water at a level which aids the biological processes of transformation, but which will not lead to excessive growth of algae. Following these basic rules, you can think in terms of two categories of maintenance: primary maintenance and ongoing maintenance throughout the season.

Primary maintenance focuses on late autumn, the ‘wintering’ process and the early spring start-up (when the pond is free of ice). When carrying out autumn maintenance, make sure that the swimming pond or natural pool is cleared of all leaves and mulm. This will allow the transformation processes taking place over winter to continue, but will provide a very low level of nourishment from organic substances. In spring, the pond should be started up again as early as possible. By cleaning the pond early in the year and removing mulm, together with the operation of the filter, the year’s highest concentrations of nutrients in the water can be inhibited and the microbiology of the pond activated in good time. The most efficient approach is to have the pond working continuously (24 hours) over the winter.

Unfortunately, there is no suitable equipment on the market for conveniently and effectively filtering out microscopically small mulm particles from the water in large volumes. For this reason, dirty water drawn out during primary maintenance should not be allowed to enter back into the pond. The pool will be refilled naturally and free of cost during the rainiest season of the year. Maintenance is also required during the swimming season. At this time of year, when there is little rain, the Aqua-Superton pressure filter is used to filter drawn-out dirty water. We do not recommend that you use the system pump to draw out water, since swimming ponds and natural pools generally use other construction materials such as fine gravel and sand, which puts severe strain on the pump. Pumps are available which can easily dispose of small stones with a grain size of up to 6 mm.

For a medium-sized water feature (328 square feet), an average of 2 hours per week should be allowed for maintenance work, to keep swimming ponds and natural pools in tip-top condition with the right equipment. The longer you leave necessary maintenance, the more time you will have to spend doing it. The best way of guaranteeing the crystal-clear water for which the TeichMeister System is known is to carry out regular maintenance and to keep the filter in good working order.

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